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Movie-bulk #1

When making this list I had both skill and entertainment value in mind. So even though a better player is rated lower, I am aware of the difference in skill, yet I value the others for their music, editing etc. And the most valuable attribute of them all is how I look back and remember them.

It’s time for the Vanilla WoW, best of, PvP movies!

  1. Mute/Kishkumen/Intoxicated – World of Roguecraft Episode 3
  2. Mute/Kishkumen/Intoxicated – World of Roguecraft Episode 1
  3. Mute/Kishkumen/Intoxicated – World of Roguecraft Episode 2 (Sadly the stream is taken off of wacraftmovies, but some random has uploaded it onto youtube in three parts, they should be in the featured list when following the link.)
  4. Grim – Total Annihilation
  5. Grim – Path of Blood
  6. Kenion – Eviscerape
  7. Meandro – Bring the Shadow vol. 3
  8. HappyMinti – Nerf Sap 1
  9. Eryx – Endless Sacrifice
  10. Perklunt – The Perkulator 4

There were several others I wanted to add to the list, but since I set my list to max ten entries, there is no room for them, sadly.

The Mute movies, possibly the one responsible for the diminishing returns on our stuns, were by far my favorites and still is today. Mixing humor with educative information and great game-play is a killer combination. Just the fact that he killed rank 14 warriors naked with a starting dagger is enough for him to sit on that number one spot forever.

Grim is another type of player. His movies is more of a “I shit on you, and now you’re on warcraftmovies proving my point.” His comments in his videos make him come across as a bit arrogant, but I guess it’s only for the entertainment. Also this was more of a Vanilla phenomenon, you wont see this as much in TBC or Wrath movies. Besides, I like the way he shits on his opponents!

Kenion is a god of editing and he also makes machinima. With great gear, tier 2,5 and a few tier 3 items, he’s also one who burst down his enemies. I did not watch his movies as much as I did with the other ones, but I remember being in awe of his play-style. This is enough for him to get that far up my list.

Meandro, probably the one I have watched the most. He managed to release 8 movies (all during vanilla!) in the series (Bring the Shadow) and 1 movie where he had just got his thunderfury and were dueling with it to show off. His play-style is to me kind of unique. He makes mistakes, he’s not flawless, but yet he recovers and ends up victorious. He has a lot of really good introductions to start off with, that sets the mood for the rest of the movies. He’s what I would call “an undead to the bone”.

HappyMinti‘s movie is footage from where he ganks (in lack of a better word) players that are higher level than him. The movie is old as a mammoth’s fart, and it’s impressive. It’s also really amusing to see all the mistakes being done at the time from some of his opponents. A classic!

Eryx is awesome. Nothing less than awesome. Awesome! Yet his movies wont make the top of my list, because it’s not the movies I spent the most of my time watching. I do remember him though, along with Perklunt, probably one of the top 5 rogues during Vanilla, skill-wise. So he has to get a spot.

Perklunt is tagging along with Eryx. You can’t make a list and not have those two names on it when you talk about Vanilla WoW and skillful rogues. A nice way to round off this list, having two of the biggest names around.

That concludes my list of PvP Movies from the Vanilla era. I had a blast putting it together, getting to reminisce the glory of level 60 game-play! Next in my Movie-bulk will be the movies from Burning Crusade, at which point the arena was introduced and the PvP movies flourished. I will probably spend even longer sorting my top ten on that list compared to this one.

I’m Nimbs, and I still think about my level 60 days once in a while.


A little spoiler

I came up with a topic after misreading one of Daraia’s topics. I read it as “25 best rogue movies” and it really got me thinking. So thanks for the unintended inspiration, Daraia!

When I started thinking about what movies I like the most, through all the time I’ve been lurking and commenting on Warcraftmovies.com, I couldn’t get my mind set towards what movies I would pick and in what order to rate them. I decided to search around the website in order to build a well thought out list of movies you have to have watched before you quit this game as a rogue.

I’ll be shipping the movies in 3 bulks, where each of the bulk is fitting its respective expansion pack. Meaning the first one will be vanilla, then Burning Crusade and at last Wrath of the Lich King. There are a lot of names worth to mention, and there’s some who will not make my list, but it doesn’t mean I think less of them. It’s just a matter of making this post slightly less of a novel.

I need to stress one thing; this is my opinion, you may disagree with me and you’re free to do so. I will include the movies which has entertained me the most in each bulk.

As I am currently working on my list and the header picture, with little spare time, I am posting this spoiler right now. I’m planning to include around ten movies in each bulk, and hopefully I will make it.

I’m Nimbs, and I’m a filmoholic!


I’ve been running some random dungeons while leveling various characters. Most groups are generally good and we get the job done swiftly, with the chat going on about anything from a family members birthday to what we had for dinner last night. I like the atmosphere in most of my pick-up groups, but once in a while there are some really hostile players I get grouped up with, and that really grinds my gears.

In most cases it’s the tank or the healer getting flamed for under-performing at their respective tasks, but there are times where DPS is so bad I’m just waiting for someone to pull the trigger and start an argument. I’m personally fine with people telling me how to perform better, but when I see someone getting the oh-so-usual “learn to play f…… retard” I feel bad for them. I’ve seen a lot of players probably leveling their first character, and I find it sad that the WoW community is represented to those new ones through the LFD tool. There’s just too many pricks in there.

I don’t get flamed that much, but just seeing the comments being made ruins my experience as well. I do have to admit that I am no saint, but I do my best to keep my temper under control. If anyone gets my rage, it’s normally the desk or the brick wall closest to my computer, though that’s on very rare occasions and due to special circumstances.

What can be done about it? I’ve asked myself this time after time, but I rarely come up with an easy answer. People need to relax more when they play the game, so they don’t end up stressed out when the going gets tough, plus they need to be a bit more lenient towards new players. I know how it was when I first started, I was welcomed with open arms and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Even though this was back in vanilla, I don’t see why this could not be achieved. Also consider that even though you’re sitting in front of a screen talking to avatars, there’s also another person at the other end with feeling just as you’ve got, so play nice.

I’m Nimbs, and I try not to be hostile.

Setting up for Cataclysm

There are things I’d like to do before Cataclysm is released. Some of my goals are highly realistic, while others are a bit of a far stretch.

I’d like some more alts leveled up and to be as close to 80 as possible. Among my alts, I’ve already got a Paladin, a Hunter and a Shaman at level 80. I wish for a Death Knight, a Priest and a Druid as well. I won’t make that in time. I’ve also got a Warrior on level 69 which I plan to try to get to 80.

I’ve already got most of my professions in the skill range I want, so I can check that off of my to-do list. I do want a character with herbalism and alchemy though, to support jewelcrafting with gems and make money on transmutes. Looking at my characters, my shaman will get this combo, as I don’t care to max out professions  stat-wise for  him anyway.

With the summer in mind, I probably will spend a lot of time working out and having general outside fun, beside from working. So I won’t make plans rely on the summer, though I see myself playing WoW a bit as well on late nights, days with bad weather and when I got nothing better to do.

Thinking of my goals now, there’s nothing more I’d like to do. I don’t care about gearing my alts up in 5k gearscore sets, nor do I want to chase the top of the arena ladders. I’ve always needed plenty of gold, but I’m sitting on a good enough amount to last through some spending sprees in Cataclysm. Besides, I’m good at adapting to the market and finding myself something to earn gold with.

I’m Nimbs, and I’m far from ready for Cataclysm!

Dagger Rogue

Daggers are what I would call the signature weapon for Rogues. You can’t play a Rogue and not try a dagger oriented specialization, at least for a short amount of time. Why do I love the daggers so much? First we’ll have to take a look back in time.

I’ll start with vanilla (original WoW). Back in vanilla I was playing a human Rogue, and we were a few Rogues back then, so I decided I wanted to go for swords and build my talents around that. Combat it was, with sword specialization of course. There were a few nice daggers and the combat dagger spec was close to the sword one DPS wise. Most of the other Rogues went after daggers, so I wanted to get weapons with less competition. And I wanted to be able to bid on Thunderfury’s bindings (never even seen one drop, yet my brother got TF on his Paladin). I got used to and very competitive for top DPS as a sword rogue, so I just sticked with it.

During Burning Crusade I started with swords (the Aldor exalted one) and kind of never left the path there either. I did try various dagger specializations though, but never really had the ultimate weapons for it. Plus I was topping most raids or competing with a few others for the top spots. During this time I leveled another Rogue on a different realm. I left my original Rogue for the new Rogue, a troll. It was a nice change going from my realm to the new one, it had a player-base that was a lot better. Soon I found myself a guild and started raiding. So I did what I was good at, combat swords! By the end of TBC mutilate had really picked up its power, and I got a sweet dagger from Mount Hyjal to wield. So I leveled from 70 to 80 with daggers and my mutilate spec.

Wrath of the Lich King was my salvation. Dagger specialized and ready to mutilate my enemies I was looking forward to raiding and upgrading my gear. With the change that came to envenom I really liked seeing my occasional 14k crits aswell. I’ve been dagger Rogueing since.

The thing I thought about was that daggers felt so much more Rogue-like. They fit the movements, the lore, everything really. And for me, they are now a must. I look forward to see how they deal with the dagger oriented specializations in Cataclysm!

Hi, I’m Nimbs and I’m a dagger Rogue!

Closet DK

I’ve been thinking of a topic for a new post for a couple of days now, and nothing struck me. I haven’t been playing as much recently, because of my exams that are starting. I’ve got one exam down and two to go. When I was playing I couldn’t get anything out of it, because of the lack of time, so I started a DK and I’ve been playing around with it.

I suddenly realized that I could post about Death Knights, or at least my DK. I quite like it to be honest. Zero downtime and to the extreme level at it. Chain pulling elites while leveling sounds quite bad-ass. And I’ve leveled both a Hunter and a Paladin to 80. Because I liked it so much (this far, I’m only at level 60), I decided to declare myself a closet DK.

So what is a closet DK? I generally hate Death Knights with a capital H in PvP. Them being able to live for so long while I get pounded by them as soon as my evasion and disarm is done. So I guess that a closet DK would be a person that hates DKs, yet still plays one on a semi-active basis.

I’m not sure how long I’ll play it, but looking at my alts at the moment, there is a Rogue at level 25, a protection Warrior at 69, a Warlock at 33 or something and a Shaman around 55. Then there’s the Death Knight, which I enjoy the most right now of all my alts. So in between gearing up my 2nd Rogue for Cataclysm leveling and level my 3rd Rogue, I can play my alts. I’m satisfied with my 1st Rogue as of now. I should probably try to arena a little with it, but that’s that. Getting ready for Cataclysm is my number one priority. It would be fun to have a Death Knight up there with the rest at level 80. Though I won’t change my main character from a Rogue to something else. I just like to have the opportunity to mix and match.

So there you have it, I am Nimbs and I am a closet DK!


One of my rogues had skinning, which I don’t even remember why I skilled to 450. So I wanted to bring up mining in order to support my engineering for Cataclysm.

I am no longer aware of how many times I’ve skilled mining from 1 to max skill during my time playing WoW. I can tell you that it’s a lot though! Never have I had an easier time going from min to max. You are now able to mine ore at lower levels than what you were used to. I did not see what kind of patch this change was a part of, but I guess it’s fairly recent.

The main reason for this to be so easy is the fact that you can gain a lot more skills now smelting ore than you used to. I remember getting a few skills off of the rare ores back in time, and a few off of mithril, but that was it. Now you can mine the ore 10-15 skills (pulling these numbers out of the air) before you can smelt them, which then makes it possible to skill several times on the smelting part if you decide to do that (I did that close to the next rank of mining). I was happy to close the gap with a little smelting of what I had gathered to learn the next rank.

The only downside I can see as a consequence of this is that if you expect to have a crafting profession skilled along with mining it will probably lag a bit behind. I tried this with engineering and I can’t say I noticed much lag, but sometimes during less fortunate materials needed to skill it would lag behind, only to quickly gain up on mining when new and easy materials were needed (in the line of pure ore, blasting powder etc).

So if you plan on getting a character with mining skilled up before Cataclysm, I’d say now is the time to do so!