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Cataclysm for me

It’s been a wild ride, that is for sure.

I started out as a Shaman, and ended up as a Paladin. That’s pretty much a 180 degree turn right there, especially for those who played during vanilla, you’ll know what I am talking about!

The Shaman was my raiding character, and I stopped playing it after clearing the tier 11 content, so much for that one. I enjoyed healing on it a lot, but when guilds come and go you got to adapt to the situation. I ended up cutting my PvP life short, as I didn’t have the time to raid and PvP as much as needed to be competetive, and moved my Rogue to a different realm in order to join up with a guild.

From there on and until now, I’ve been walking with daggers, like a proper rogue is supposed to. First I played as an assassination rogue, and switched to combat during Dragon Soul, as I’ve got my stage 1 daggers. Now, I’m in mixed gear, some heroic DS, most normal DS, and a few *cough*lfr*cough* items. Overall equipped itemlevel is around 396, so I am able to do my share of raid damage. Lately I’ve been going subtlety, and to be fair, it’s absolutely epic! Sadly, I’ve got to be combat for heroic Ultraxion, so I’ve ditched the subtlety spec for now, as I can’t be bothered reforging the gear everytime I switch between combat and subtlety. We are only on 2/8 heroic, but we are having some issues with an unstable roster, so we could have been much further. We’re casuals though, so we won’t let this be an issue.

As a sidenote, I’ve also been playing my Paladin recently, a lot actually. It is my achievement character, and I’ve been achieving stuff over the past few weeks. [It’s over nine thousand!] was my goal, and I reached it. So my new goal is now to get over 10k points. With the LFR addition to the game, I also started collecting gear for all my three specs. I think I’m at 390 retribution, 385 protection and around 375 holy gear at the moment. I’ve neglected the holy gear, as I don’t find holy Paladins as fun as restoration Shamans. With this Paladin, I’ve also run alt raids with the guild, and we’re at 7/8 now. We wiped a few times on 3% on madness, so I think he’ll go down next week, after we’ve all had some upgrades.

All in all, I’ve been keeping busy and enjoying the game. So much that I didn’t even bother to maintain my blog. I guess that is a good thing. For now, I’m signing off to enjoy some more studying, but I guess we all know I mean gaming!



Leveling My Toons

When I first installed Cataclysm I had been thinking hard and long on which of my characters I would level first. I chose my Shaman, as the last time I played him as a main was during The Burning Crusade. Plus the changes looked really intriguing. He has been 85 for a while now and my only gear upgrades is located in raids, for all my talent specializations. I quickly come to realize that I was in need of another level 85 if I was to play in arenas, because I didn’t want to spend that much gold on respecs and the glyph dusts.

I didn’t have to think long before deciding which of my other characters to level. It was always going to be my rogue! And for PvP purposes! I’ve never played my rogue solely in a PvP environment and I’m looking forward to it. I had some spare time during Christmas, so I set aside two days and there he was. Level 85 and ready to be geared up with conquest and honor points. The only downside I see now is that I play enhance/resto in our raids, and I have to do one heroic instance each day to get my valor points. Aside from WoW I’m starting my 2nd bachelors degree, first was in psychology and this one in sociology, so I’m a bit strapped for spare time now. When can I farm my honor you ask? Well, I can’t at the moment. And I’d like my girlfriend who I live with not to hate me as well, so I can’t play for 8 hours a day. I’ll get my honor points slowly, but steady. I want to gun for high ratings in my 3v3 team as well, so I got to get some more resilience!

I’m finding Rogues so much fun to play at the moment. I’ve got a PvP mutilate spec and a PvP subtlety spec, and I’m loving both. I’m leaning more towards mutilate at this moment, because I have crappy gear and I’d like to do some damage to my enemies. I’ve also grown very fond of smoke bomb. It’s just so versatile! Offensive or defensive, it does not matter. I find new ways to use it almost daily.

I’m looking forward to learn more!

Back for Cataclysm!

With a great summer and a great fall, the winter is drawing closer and I need my share of pixel-fun.

I’m back in the game updating on the 4.0.1 patch (which I love, by the way). I’m having immense fun and entertaining myself with the 6 level 80 characters I currently own.

I will also update the blog appearance for the future in the coming week.

I’m not Nimbs anymore, but I am back!

Been a while

I thought I should toss in a quick update, while I have the chance. As many others of you, I’m waiting for Cataclysm and I spent little to no time online at the moment. I’m out of small projects for now and I don’t expect to be playing much. I might level some alts whenever I feel like it. And with me playing so little, I’ve got no real stories to tell.

So the blog might get a little neglected for some time now. Plus it’s summer for crying out loud! I’m outside soaking sun or playing footie anyway! Enjoy your summer aswell!


Setting up for Cataclysm

There are things I’d like to do before Cataclysm is released. Some of my goals are highly realistic, while others are a bit of a far stretch.

I’d like some more alts leveled up and to be as close to 80 as possible. Among my alts, I’ve already got a Paladin, a Hunter and a Shaman at level 80. I wish for a Death Knight, a Priest and a Druid as well. I won’t make that in time. I’ve also got a Warrior on level 69 which I plan to try to get to 80.

I’ve already got most of my professions in the skill range I want, so I can check that off of my to-do list. I do want a character with herbalism and alchemy though, to support jewelcrafting with gems and make money on transmutes. Looking at my characters, my shaman will get this combo, as I don’t care to max out professions  stat-wise for  him anyway.

With the summer in mind, I probably will spend a lot of time working out and having general outside fun, beside from working. So I won’t make plans rely on the summer, though I see myself playing WoW a bit as well on late nights, days with bad weather and when I got nothing better to do.

Thinking of my goals now, there’s nothing more I’d like to do. I don’t care about gearing my alts up in 5k gearscore sets, nor do I want to chase the top of the arena ladders. I’ve always needed plenty of gold, but I’m sitting on a good enough amount to last through some spending sprees in Cataclysm. Besides, I’m good at adapting to the market and finding myself something to earn gold with.

I’m Nimbs, and I’m far from ready for Cataclysm!

Closet DK

I’ve been thinking of a topic for a new post for a couple of days now, and nothing struck me. I haven’t been playing as much recently, because of my exams that are starting. I’ve got one exam down and two to go. When I was playing I couldn’t get anything out of it, because of the lack of time, so I started a DK and I’ve been playing around with it.

I suddenly realized that I could post about Death Knights, or at least my DK. I quite like it to be honest. Zero downtime and to the extreme level at it. Chain pulling elites while leveling sounds quite bad-ass. And I’ve leveled both a Hunter and a Paladin to 80. Because I liked it so much (this far, I’m only at level 60), I decided to declare myself a closet DK.

So what is a closet DK? I generally hate Death Knights with a capital H in PvP. Them being able to live for so long while I get pounded by them as soon as my evasion and disarm is done. So I guess that a closet DK would be a person that hates DKs, yet still plays one on a semi-active basis.

I’m not sure how long I’ll play it, but looking at my alts at the moment, there is a Rogue at level 25, a protection Warrior at 69, a Warlock at 33 or something and a Shaman around 55. Then there’s the Death Knight, which I enjoy the most right now of all my alts. So in between gearing up my 2nd Rogue for Cataclysm leveling and level my 3rd Rogue, I can play my alts. I’m satisfied with my 1st Rogue as of now. I should probably try to arena a little with it, but that’s that. Getting ready for Cataclysm is my number one priority. It would be fun to have a Death Knight up there with the rest at level 80. Though I won’t change my main character from a Rogue to something else. I just like to have the opportunity to mix and match.

So there you have it, I am Nimbs and I am a closet DK!


One of my rogues had skinning, which I don’t even remember why I skilled to 450. So I wanted to bring up mining in order to support my engineering for Cataclysm.

I am no longer aware of how many times I’ve skilled mining from 1 to max skill during my time playing WoW. I can tell you that it’s a lot though! Never have I had an easier time going from min to max. You are now able to mine ore at lower levels than what you were used to. I did not see what kind of patch this change was a part of, but I guess it’s fairly recent.

The main reason for this to be so easy is the fact that you can gain a lot more skills now smelting ore than you used to. I remember getting a few skills off of the rare ores back in time, and a few off of mithril, but that was it. Now you can mine the ore 10-15 skills (pulling these numbers out of the air) before you can smelt them, which then makes it possible to skill several times on the smelting part if you decide to do that (I did that close to the next rank of mining). I was happy to close the gap with a little smelting of what I had gathered to learn the next rank.

The only downside I can see as a consequence of this is that if you expect to have a crafting profession skilled along with mining it will probably lag a bit behind. I tried this with engineering and I can’t say I noticed much lag, but sometimes during less fortunate materials needed to skill it would lag behind, only to quickly gain up on mining when new and easy materials were needed (in the line of pure ore, blasting powder etc).

So if you plan on getting a character with mining skilled up before Cataclysm, I’d say now is the time to do so!