When you're doing it right, you're..


Leveling My Toons

When I first installed Cataclysm I had been thinking hard and long on which of my characters I would level first. I chose my Shaman, as the last time I played him as a main was during The Burning Crusade. Plus the changes looked really intriguing. He has been 85 for a while now and my only gear upgrades is located in raids, for all my talent specializations. I quickly come to realize that I was in need of another level 85 if I was to play in arenas, because I didn’t want to spend that much gold on respecs and the glyph dusts.

I didn’t have to think long before deciding which of my other characters to level. It was always going to be my rogue! And for PvP purposes! I’ve never played my rogue solely in a PvP environment and I’m looking forward to it. I had some spare time during Christmas, so I set aside two days and there he was. Level 85 and ready to be geared up with conquest and honor points. The only downside I see now is that I play enhance/resto in our raids, and I have to do one heroic instance each day to get my valor points. Aside from WoW I’m starting my 2nd bachelors degree, first was in psychology and this one in sociology, so I’m a bit strapped for spare time now. When can I farm my honor you ask? Well, I can’t at the moment. And I’d like my girlfriend who I live with not to hate me as well, so I can’t play for 8 hours a day. I’ll get my honor points slowly, but steady. I want to gun for high ratings in my 3v3 team as well, so I got to get some more resilience!

I’m finding Rogues so much fun to play at the moment. I’ve got a PvP mutilate spec and a PvP subtlety spec, and I’m loving both. I’m leaning more towards mutilate at this moment, because I have crappy gear and I’d like to do some damage to my enemies. I’ve also grown very fond of smoke bomb. It’s just so versatile! Offensive or defensive, it does not matter. I find new ways to use it almost daily.

I’m looking forward to learn more!



I’ve been running some random dungeons while leveling various characters. Most groups are generally good and we get the job done swiftly, with the chat going on about anything from a family members birthday to what we had for dinner last night. I like the atmosphere in most of my pick-up groups, but once in a while there are some really hostile players I get grouped up with, and that really grinds my gears.

In most cases it’s the tank or the healer getting flamed for under-performing at their respective tasks, but there are times where DPS is so bad I’m just waiting for someone to pull the trigger and start an argument. I’m personally fine with people telling me how to perform better, but when I see someone getting the oh-so-usual “learn to play f…… retard” I feel bad for them. I’ve seen a lot of players probably leveling their first character, and I find it sad that the WoW community is represented to those new ones through the LFD tool. There’s just too many pricks in there.

I don’t get flamed that much, but just seeing the comments being made ruins my experience as well. I do have to admit that I am no saint, but I do my best to keep my temper under control. If anyone gets my rage, it’s normally the desk or the brick wall closest to my computer, though that’s on very rare occasions and due to special circumstances.

What can be done about it? I’ve asked myself this time after time, but I rarely come up with an easy answer. People need to relax more when they play the game, so they don’t end up stressed out when the going gets tough, plus they need to be a bit more lenient towards new players. I know how it was when I first started, I was welcomed with open arms and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Even though this was back in vanilla, I don’t see why this could not be achieved. Also consider that even though you’re sitting in front of a screen talking to avatars, there’s also another person at the other end with feeling just as you’ve got, so play nice.

I’m Nimbs, and I try not to be hostile.